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A Modern Take on the Tea Bag - New Shapes and Styles Make For a Better Brewing Experience

Have you observed a trade within the shape and style of your tea bag lately? Gone are the unmarried or double chamber rectangular tea bag of old, stapled closed, with a string and paper tag. Today there are rectangular cushions or pillows, spherical pods, foil tubes, and obvious gauze pyramids.

Tea luggage are absolutely the preferred approach of tea brewing, with 98% within the U.S., 96% within the U.K., and a massive number worldwide the use of a tea bag to prepare their morning cuppa tea.

It was that maximum bagged tea changed into crafted from decrease great blends of CTC (cut-tear-curl) teas, with the consideration greater for fee than first-rate. But these days an increasing number of agencies are packaging their forte and connoisseur teas in tea baggage.

When packaging tea there's plenty to think about to satisfy the demands of and fulfill the customer. Thought needs to be placed into not only the form and fashion of the tea bag, however also the styles of fabric used, and the manufacturing process itself.

Decisions want to be made at the sort of bag-ought to they go along with the old standby single or double chamber paper bag with string and tag, or go together with a spherical pod, square, or square paper cushion, and no string and tag? Or maybe go along with the famous pyramid shape that is presently so famous?

Should the tea bag be crafted from cotton muslin, gauze, non-biodegradable nylon, or from silk or cornstarch "soilon?" And how need to or not it's closed-have to it be stapled, glued, sewn with cotton thread, or sealed with ultrasound?

There are absolutely a large range of alternatives available, with new ones coming in the marketplace all of the time. It goes with out announcing that businesses need to be at the pulse of the customer to properly pick out which way to head. They need to recognise what's in demand, and try to determine out if it has staying strength or will become the following fad by using the same time subsequent year.

One instance is the perforated foil tube, Tstix, billed as "the brand new-fashioned way to experience tea." La Piccola disagrees, telling potential customers rather that, "Pods produce an infusion a long way superior to that of any tea bag." But are these non-conventional kinds of tea bag clearly better, or are they best assembly the mass-marketplace demand for customers who truly aren't sure what tea need to even flavor like, simply buying them because of the advertising and marketing hype and convenience element.

When the primary obvious gauze bags got here out some years ago, customers reacted with pleasure because the material allowed them to see the tea because it brewed. Today many tea organizations are selecting this layout.

Charles Cain of Adagio Teas explains why his company selected this style, "We put 100% of our unfastened tea collection (210 teas) into pyramid bags. At its coronary heart, Adagio is a free tea enterprise, but we trust one of the excellent ways to grow the market is to first introduce the casual purchaser to better tea through tea luggage."

Adagio believes they may be more likely to get their clients to try loose tea, in the event that they have first had a first rate drinking experience with their bagged teas.

Nick Gandon of Reginald Ames of London is of the same opinion. They purchased a new Fuso pyramid bag gadget to % their purchaser's teas due to the fact they wanted to be at the slicing fringe of the marketplace that has taken a strong interest within the pyramid. Says Gandon, "The pyramid bag looks notable and combines the essence of excessive excellent free leaf tea with the ease of a tea bag-an appropriate recipe." He is going on to say, "There are constantly fads in each enterprise, tea included, but the pyramid is some distance more than that. It's here to live and it's going to develop fairly."

It seems he's proper, as increasingly more tea businesses are the use of the pyramid gauze bag to package deal their area of expertise and connoisseur teas.

Ajay Kichlu, marketing director of Chamong Tee Exports of India, additionally consents that pyramid baggage are the way of the future, and has additionally invested in a Fuso gadget to produce the pyramid luggage. Says Kichlu, "pyramid bags provide higher liquor due to the fact they may be large leaf... And are also staple-free and glue-loose."

There will usually be products that come and move as fads, and those with staying electricity. It looks as if the transparent gauze pyramid tea bags are the latter, and can be around for awhile. It's also feasible that via presenting a higher tea experience with a higher tea bag, would possibly in the end lead to customers opting to attempt their hand at brewing unfastened leaf teas, similarly enhance their last tea consuming experience.

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